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  My favourite kind of post to read is a 'what's in my bag', probably because it appeals to my nosy nature! So here is my attempt, and a slightly cleaned up version of my bag, as it's usually stuffed full of receipts, food wrappers and napkins from the last place I ate.. 
 Bag: £14.99 from New Look
Water is something I never go anywhere without, and I love this Fiji bottle. It is small enough to carry around but still holds enough water, and has a beautiful floral design printed onto it, who says water has to be boring!
Snissues - like tissues, only more funky. I got these as a christmas present and they are just so sweet! I have them here in the Russian Doll print, but they are available in all sorts of prints to suit any taste or handbag.
Zip Purse. You may have noticed by now that I am a HUGE Cath Kidston fan. This print is now sold out but they have so many other gorgeous patterns to choose from. I use this zip purse to keep all the little things I carry around that would otherwise get lost in my gigantic bag. The next picture shows what they are.
Earphones are a necessity for me, I spend so much of my life wandering around or sat on a bus, it's always nice to be able to enjoy music on the way.
Sunglasses are possibly a tad optimistic this time of year, but you never know when the elusive sun may peek out! I wear glasses normally so these are prescription, and actually came free with my everyday frames, as glassesdirect offer a buy one get one free range. Bargain!
Kindle (and its yet again matching Cath Kidston case) - I love my Kindle, it was a christmas gift from my wonderful parents, and I now never go anywhere without it. Being able to dip in and out of a book wherever I am is such a luxury, and I now use any spare moment of the day I can to read.
Carex anti bacterial hand gel is a necessity for me, I'm not a clean freak, but I can't stand dirty hands. I am often in classrooms and around small children too so it doesn't hurt to rid my hands of germs when I can.
Zip Wallet is again Cath Kidston, and this gorgeous purse was a christmas gift from my lovely boyfriend. It is the perfect size for me as I carry a silly amount of cards and papers around in my wallet, and this holds them all with plenty of room for coins too.
iPhone Wallet Case this little case was a bargain at £1.99 including delivery, keeps my phone tucked up and safe and has 3 slots for keeping cards, I keep my bus card there so it's always close at hand, but this case is so useful when going out when I don't want to take a whole wallet with me.
The zip purse I mentioned earlier is one of the most useful things in my bag, as it functions as a make up bag, pencil case and a space saver. It currently holds: a compact mirror, biro ben, nivea pearl and shine lip care, starbucks sugar packets (hoarder alert..), clinique glosswear for lips, benefit boiing concealer, vaseline rosy lips, essie nail colour in 'orange its obvious' (I'm terrible at chipping my nails so try to keep my current colour with me for touch ups)

As I mentioned earlier, I love reading this kind of post, so please let me know/ send me a link in the comments below if you've done one, I'd love to have a look!
Much love,

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