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 I awoke this morning to discover the snow had melted after a rain shower, so I went out for a wander in my pretty new shoes.  It made a nice change to wear something other than boots! I stopped by my favourite cafe in North Laine - Pearl's Bubble Tea
(You can find their website here or their facebook here.)
It's a sweet little shop with a few seats for drinking in and a bar to sit at over looking the historical North Laine. They serve a huge selection of Bubble Teas, Coffees, Smoothies and other beverages, all of which are prepared right in front of you, with toppings of your choice.

For those of you who haven't come across Bubble Tea yet, it is a wonderfully versatile drink, and comes in many different shapes and sizes. It is either green tea or black tea based, and then brewed with fruit syrup or milk (or milk substitute). Traditionally, it is then served with chewy tapioca pearls, which are the black bits you can see at the bottom of this picture. Pearls also serves a variety of toppings, such as fruity jelly or 'popping pearls', which are fruity balls filled with tasty fruit juices that burst when you bite into them. The reason I am so in love with Pearls in Brighton is that all of their Milk Teas are made with a soy based substitute, so those like me with a dairy allergy can enjoy a creamy treat!

This funky pink drink is a Strawberry Milk Tea, with a black tea base, and Tapioca Pearl topping. I had this one cold, but they can be served warm, great for chilly winter days. Oh, and did I mention, they are buy one get one free before 1pm at the moment?! Fantastic. I'll have an Almond Milk Tea and Strawberry Milk Tea please!

I am a huge fan of this lovely little shop, and as you can see by my loyalty card, a frequent member..
The best bit about my visit today, is that my next drink is free! It just gets better and better.

Cheeky nail shot too, had to show off my pretty pink drink!
[Barry M Nail Paint in Bright Purple]

 Are any of you lovely people bubble tea fans too? Where are your favourite places to go? What are your favourite flavours? I'd love to hear any recommendations!

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