supermarket sweep: dairy free delicacies!

You may/probably will have heard me mention my dairy allergy, as I spend a lot of time complaining about it. I'll be honest, its really not that bad. There are still endless amounts of food that I am able to eat, and it can surely only be a good thing to cut cream, milk and butter out of your diet. The difficulty comes when treats and fun things are needed, cakes and biscuits are often filled with dairy rich ingredients. I am a keen baker, but sometimes I just don't have the time or energy to make homebaked cakes and snacks. Last night, however, I went to ASDA, and discovered some excellent (and cheap!) cakes and snacks, completely free of dairy.

They are as follows, Mrs Crimble's Bakewell Slices, ASDA's Angel Cake and ASDA's Fruit and Grain cereal bars in Mixed Berry. Not only are they free of milk, butter and cream, but they are very affordable. 

These Bakewell Slices were my favourite, with a thin layer of pastry topped with cherry jam, and then the almond slice cake covered in chopped toasted almonds. Very moreish, and they did not last long!
 There is something about Angel Cake that appeals to my inner child. The bright colours are visually appealing and the light texture make it perfect for a snack with a nice cup of tea anytime of day, and reminds me of birthday parties with jelly and ice cream I may have been to in the past.
 These cereal bars are almost identical in taste to NutriGrain bars but are cheaper and I can eat them! Perfect for a snack on the go, and they come individually wrapped for convenience of travel.

A peek at the packaging:

Mrs Crimble's Bakewell Slices:£1.20                       ASDA Angel Cake:£1.00
        ASDA Fruit and Grain bars:£1.14

I also wanted to show off this gorgeous Kilner bottle I got from Bert's Home Store in Brighton. Perfect for mixing and storing your own drinks in, and takes up less space than a jug. 
I am currently drinking sparkling blueberry and raspberry juice.

I hope this helps and other dairy allergic people out there on the quest for tasty food, I also would love to hear any other suggestions!

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