today was a pink day

Today I am feeling rather pleased with myself, as I am now the proud owner of these beauties:

I have ridiculously small feet, being somewhere in between a uk size 2 and size 3, so slip-on ballet flats are usually a bit of an issue for me. I either end up wearing children's shoes, or strange off sizes left over at the end of the sale. I popped into Office just on the off chance I might be able to find something, and both of these pairs caught my eye. I'm loving the bow trend at the moment, and so I really couldn't resist pink/nude flats with bows on. They even fit, being a particularly small 3 (as expected, left over at the end of the sale), and I couldn't be happier! The pair on the right came to the grand total of £5, yes, you read that right, £5. The pair on the right are by Mel by Melissa, and are made of soft plastic, a funky take on the jelly shoes of my youth. I'm also a fan of the cotton candy stripe interior, always a bonus when things are pretty on the inside. They came to £12, so basically, I got a bargain today! I love it when that happens :)

Brighton has a lovely little cake shop called the Angel Food Bakery. I went in today, but sadly they didn't have any dairy free cupcakes made up (I'm allergic to dairy products, if you hadn't realised already :)) but apparently they do usually have some around, so I am looking forward to trying some soon! By the time I got home, I was craving cupcakes, so decided to get off my backside and make some myself. I made some dairy free chocolate cupcakes, and so am now being a fatty, sat at my desk with a coffee and some very girly looking cakes. I live with four 20 year old men, so I need a bit of pink sometimes..

Speaking of pink, let me introduce my new favourite nail colour. It is called Strawberry Ice Cream, and is by Barry M. You can find it here, or from Superdrug. It has a gorgeous shine/gloss to it, and is subtle enough to wear everyday, but has just the right amount of colour to be the perfect shade of baby pink.

My biggest achievement of the day, however, was staying on my feet. Brighton has a lovely light covering of snow, which froze overnight, and so now the pavements are lethal. I'm not complaining though, as it's a beautiful place to be in the winter :)

Enjoy your weekends,

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