essie haul

I am entirely addicted to nail polish, I'll be the first one to admit it. I have a drawer completely full of colourful little bottles, but I had yet to try any Essie until very recently. I picked up this cute little colour spectrum from here, at an absolute bargain price. I love bright colours but am not usually a fan of reds, so orange and pinks are a nice way of doing this. I am also dying to try an ombre pattern with a makeup sponge, and these similar hues look ideal for that.

        [Action]                  [Fear or Desire]     [Orange, it's obvious]        [Camera]         [We're in it Together]
       I love absolutely everything about this purchase - the stylish little bottles, the vivid colours, the ease of application (small flat brush) and the polish itself, which is bright enough after two coats and has lasted me days without chipping at all. I also love that the colour on my nails is exactly the same as the colour in the bottle, I always find it disappointing when the finished product doesn't match up to the original colour.
Here is a little peek at it on my hands:-

  Unfortunately the bright pink on my ring finger has not come out well in the photograph, in real life it is very pink and less red, as it looks here:

I could not recommend this range more highly, I am officially converted, and can see myself having a hard time going back to cheaper, or lower quality polishes. 

Are there any other Essie fans out there? What are your favourite shades?

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