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Some of you may be aware that I started this year off with a '13 for 13' - 13 goals for the new year. One of these goals was to read 20 books by the end of the year. As it is rapidly nearing the end of the second month of the year, I thought now would be a good time to see how I was getting on. To an avid reader, this is not a lot. To a busy bee, like I always find myself being, this can be quite a challenge. But personally, reading is very important, so this goal has allowed me to make myself make more time for reading, which can never be a bad thing! 
One of you lovely lot also asked me to review my Kindle- which I have pictured on a number of posts now. It is a Kindle Paperwhite, and I love it! Its size and weight mean it is now a permanent fixture of my handbag (or my hand when I'm at home!), and I often read it out and about, it is perfect for a quick chapter while waiting for a bus. On uni or work days I usually have a tonne of textbooks to carry so would normally be put off carrying a book for personal use, but I can easily fit something this small into my luggage for the day.
A typical morning scene:
So, onto the list. First of all, these three lovelies:
                                                   The Hunger Games             Catching Fire                        Mockingjay
The Hunger Games Series, by Suzanne Collins
I had heard so much about this series, but never got around to reading it. I read all 3 in three days, and thought they were fantastic. I also watched the Hunger Games movie shortly afterwards, and can't wait for the release of Catching Fire in March. Suzanne Collins is a fantastic story teller, and I literally could not put these down until I had reached the end. Gripping, addictive and exciting until the very end!

The Hundred-Year-Old Man Who Climbed Out of the Window and Disappeared, by Jonas Jonasson
This was a great read, a heartwarming and entertaining story throughout. I didn't read this one very quickly, but the nature of the book, lots of short chapters, dipping in and out of the protagonist's history, allows you to read this in lots of small chunks, which was perfect for me. I finished it with a smile on my face, and actually learned a fair amount of world history on the way. Thoroughly recommend this one!

The Perks of Being a Wallflower, by Stephen Chbosky
I did enjoy this one, although it wasn't as happy a read as I had expected it to be. A little stereotypical on the whole rites of passage thing, but not bad. Still very enjoyable throughout and relatable in many places. It is quite short, so great if you are looking for a quick read.

The Contortionist's Handbook, by Craig Clevenger
I am currently reading this one, and am about half way through. I am really enjoying it, although it is a tad different to the rest of my reading list. I can't really talk about it without accidentally revealing anything key to the plot, but it is basically the story of a man's life, told through him recounting experiences in his past. It is fascinating, and very good read so far.

So there we are, (almost) 6 so far, not a bad start if you ask me! What have you lovely lot been reading? I don't have anything planned to read next, so would love some suggestions!

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