nails of the day/bargain of the century!

Would you believe these gorgeous polishes are from Poundland?! I stopped by to pick up some essentials and happen to spot these in the beauty aisle. At a grand total of (you guessed it) £1, they are a bargain! I have not used Sally Hansen before, but I had heard good things, and I was not disappointed! They are a lovely thick polish that only needs one or two coats, and is thick drying. I am definitely going to keep checking to see if they get any more shades in!
                                                                    [Thinking Of Blue]                   [Fairy Teal]                         [Navy Baby]

My thumb and little finger have 'Navy Baby' on, my middle finger 'Thinking of Blue', and my second and fourth have stripes of all three. I just painted the stripes on as you would normally paint your nails, I haven't quite mastered using stickers or guides yet!

Have any of you guys used Poundland for beauty products before? I'd love to hear any recommendations!

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