shopping saturday - totally teal

Today, I got contact lenses! They are taking a bit of getting used to, having something in your eyes is still feeling a little bit weird, but its so nice to go out without my glasses on and be able to see! My eyesight has got really bad recently so I can't really go without glasses, but I try to take them off in pictures. I am so excited about going out without big old glasses on my face! Anyway, while I was out in town after the opticians, I celebrated with a spot of shopping and picked up this delightfully colour coordinated mini haul:
 I love this pyjama set, from Primark, bottoms £5, top £3.50. I've been looking for some new summer/warmer weather pjs (although I do realise it is still freezing, just being optimistic!), and I just can't say no to floral prints, especially lilac ones! I love the colour and these thin lounge pants fit the bill perfectly. I'd highly recommend a trip into Primark if you're after pjs, their new 'Love to Lounge' range was full of lovely prints and patterns, if these are as comfy as they look, at £8.50, I may well be popping in for a second set!
 Here is the rest of the mini haul. The shoes were perhaps my favourite part, with a real leather upper, at £3. Thats right, three squid! Absolute bargain. Again from Primark, they were having a mini shoe sale, and so I had to refrain from buying these in multiple colours. Teal and turquoise are my favourite colours, so I just had to buy them. The cardigan which I was pleased to find matched almost perfectly, was £6, and the two vest tops, one lace trim and one regular were £2. I picked up the big hair clips too as I have recently chopped my hair off to shoulder length, and so will finally all stay up with only one clip. 
The polishes were another Poundland bargain, you can see my last mini haul of these here. Since last time, I have been checking back regularly and was delighted to find these lovely new shades appear. They are, from left to right, Grey by Grey (which has a distinctly blueish hue), Green Tea, and Courtesan.
I've so far only tried one of the three, and that was Green Tea. It is almost a minty tone on your nails, and is great after 2 coats. I love this range from Sally Hansen as they are so easy to apply and hard wearing.

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