smoothie sunday

Today, I made smoothies! Kiwi-Green Tea-Lemon and Honey to be precise! Rather yummy and good for you too - take a sneaky peek at the ingredients.
2 green teabags, 5 kiwis, half a lemon, honey (to taste)
 I started by brewing the tea - add a little bit of hot water, and then top up with cold. Nobody wants a hot smoothie!
 Peel the kiwis - or go for the lazy option like me, and scoop them out of their skins with a spoon.
 Whiz the kiwi with the tea in a blender, squeeze the juice of half a lemon and add that too. Then add the honey one teaspoonful at a time, depending on how sweet you like it.
Perfect for breakfast! A great fruity start to the day, I had mine with beans on toast!
And enjoy! What have you lovely people been cooking up this weekend?

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