treat of the week #2: dairy free valentines brownies

 They say the way to a person's heart is through their stomach, so these lovely little seasonal brownies make the perfect gift for Valentine's day - if you can resist temptation and not eat them all yourself!
This is a bit of a cheat recipe as I used a boxed mix, but they are so easy and so yummy it was hard to say no. The best bit about it is that there is no dairy involved, and you only need to add one egg, oil and water to the mix, and milk (I used soya milk) to make the icing.

The seasonal adjustment: hearts! Perfect for v-day, you can find a cutter here. I did have to press quite hard with the cutter to get an even shape, as the brownie was quite tough around the edges.
I love the heart shapes, but the downside is that it does make quite a mess and you end up with loads of offcuts of brownie. You can, as I tried, eating them all, but if you feel a bit sick of chocolate overdose by this point, the perfect solution is brownie truffles! Roll the leftover bits into balls and roll in icing sugar to make these cute little chocolatey bites!

Finally, ice the brownies and top with sprinkles. I have found it is a lot easier and a lot less messy to ice them after cutting out the shapes. I had this pink set of sprinkles left over from a while ago, and found it was the perfect colour range to fit with the hearts and vday theme.
What are you lovely people cooking up this Valentine's day? I'd love to see some posts!

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