treat of the week: dairy free mini donuts!

This week I made mini iced donuts! They were so yummy they disappeared rather quickly. They were so quick and easy to make I will definitely be trying this recipe again. They are also the perfect bright snack for a rainy day!
I used this recipe by Kaylah over at The Dainty Squid, which is actually a vegan recipe, so perfect for those who can't have dairy. I can actually eat eggs, so I substituted one medium sized egg for the egg substitute. I also added colour to the glaze and sprinkles. I used this gel food colouring by Wilton. It is perfect for liquid icing as it won't affect the consistency too much. The only special equipment you need is a donut pan or mould, you can find one here. They baked in about 10 minutes so are perfect when you are craving baked goods but don't wish to spend your whole day making them!
The one light in our kitchen broke, hence the candles. Typical student house! I apologise for the rubbish lighting in the pictures, but it was actually rather nice baking by candlelight! The donut mould:
The donuts after about ten minutes in the oven:
Midway through the glaze:
The finished product!
I highly recommend giving these a go, they were just so yummy! I'd love to see a post if you did!

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