anyone for a penpal?

Hey lovely people. Well today, I have spent the whole day in bed. I'm not even embarrassed. The boyfriend has unfortunately got flu, so I fully intended to do the nice thing and take care of him all day. I got us takeaway burgers for lunch(if you are ever in this part of the world, you have to try a Grubbs Burger. The best burgers in the universe), and we spent the afternoon watching David Attenborough programs on Netflix. I then fell asleep for a few hours, and so didn't do so well on the looking after him front... Despite the illness, it's been a rather lovely day. Because of this, I have NO photos to show you. This is very unusual for me! I got a very important essay submitted too today, so I feel like a weight has been lifted off my shoulders. So I guess I deserved a lazy day. But anyway...on to the main point of this post.
I have been thinking for a little while now about penpals. The whole reason I am on here, and I'm sure this is the same for lots of you too, is because I love to write. I love to write letters, but I don't actually have anyone to write them to at the moment, let alone someone who would want to regularly reply. I came across Wreck This Girl's Mailbox, which has completely rekindled my love for snail mail. She runs big penpal swaps, but unfortunately does not have anything running right now.
I hugely admire her for writing to so many people at once, I'm not sure I could cope with that! From looking through instagram, with many tags such as #penpal #penpalwanted there are HUNDREDS of wanted ads for penpals. I am however a little wary of going straight for one of those, as with the amount of spam floating around the app now, I'm not entirely sure who is a real person and who is a spam account.
 So basically, what I am proposing, is an email swap to find some penpal friends. I am personally looking for a penpal (just the one for now, as I know I will forget if I have too many letters to write!), and it would be lovely if I could help some other people who are looking for them too.
SO..... If you are interested, let me know your email, and I will use an automatic group maker program online to match two random emails together to find you a partner. That way, myself, and everyone who wants in gets matched up with someone else. Either pop your email address in the comment box, or if you do not wish for it to be posted publicly, email it to and I will add it to the list to be matched.
I personally cannot wait to rejoin the snail mail revolution! 

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