girly tuesday: a very pink drink!

Hello lovelies! So this is less of a recipe and more of a 'how to put it all together' post. If you follow me on pinterest you will probably have noticed my obsession with pastel coloured food lately, especially all things pink! When I found these straws in John Lewis the other day, I knew I had to make up a suitably pink concoction to use them with, and this sprinkle topped milkshake did the trick. And the best bit? All dairy free of course!
You will need: Almond milk, strawberry Nesquik, a (clean!) jar (or a glass. I just think drinking out of jars is fun, is that strange?), sprinkles, honey (or something else tasty and sticky), ribbon and a straw!
This bit is a little bit messy, as you need to coat the rim of the jar with the honey. You could try with a spoon, but that may be a bit fiddly. I just used my fingers, and used it as an excuse to channel my inner pooh bear and eat honey with my hands.
 Sprinkles might actually be one of my favourite things in life. I mean, look at them, aren't they awesome?!
 Dunk the jar in the sprinkles and roll it around until the rim of the jar is coated.
Tie on your ribbon, and now onto the milkshake. Mix it up in a jug as stirring it in the jar will knock off the sprinkles.
 Now this is the really easy bit. Just mix up the Nesquik. I won't tell you how, I'm sure you already know! Just look at that wonderful pink goop!
 And there you go, not forgetting the lovely paper straw! Possibly the world's easiest pink girly drink! Present with heart shaped confetti if you want to go uber-pink!
 Goes rather nicely with lemon drizzle loaf - more on that at a later date.
 (I apologise for the very un-ironed table cloth. My mother would not be impressed.)
Happy Tuesday Everyone!

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