Hello lovely people! Hope you are all having wonderful weekends. Here is a quick look at my instagrams for the last week. You can find me at @carriebrighton if you like :)
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1. Soy Almond Coffee Frappuccino.. in bed! Yum!
2. The bf's and my matching socks (everyone say n'awww)
3. Crafting with my funky hole punch, and finding a use for my paint chips
4. It's quite easy to spot where the crazy pigeon lady has been!
5. A lovely sunny day I spent in the library.
6. Making the most of the sunshine in the garden.
7. Playing with glitter makes up for nasty essays at uni.
8. Breakfast: spinach and eggs on toasted muffins. And a coffee of course!

Leave your instagram names in the comments below, I'd love to see what you've been up to!

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