the tea tag

Okay, I'll admit it, this isn't a real tag. Well it might be, but I made it up because I wanted to talk about tea (like I needed an excuse?!). This teacup is one of my favourite things, I bought it last year in a flea market, and it is just a bit bigger than your average tea cup, perfect if you're like me and constantly drinking tea! 
So I thought I'd share with you some of my favourites. Starting with Clipper:
[sleep easy/green tea with lemon/white tea with vanilla/raspberry leaf]
The sleep easy tea is one of my all time favourites. It is light and sweet and is perfect before bedtime! The green tea with lemon is an everyday favourite, it has a lovely and fresh taste. I have only just discovered white tea, and I am hooked. This vanilla white tea is lovely and summery! Raspberry Leaf is also lovely, soothing on the stomach and fruity but not too overloaded with berries.
[double mint/camomile, honey&vanilla/chai/darjeeling]
This double mint tea is actually a life saver. For those with food intolerances who are prone to accidentally eating something with a little bit of something bad in, I swear by this minty brew to settle an upset stomach. Plus, it tastes yummy too. The camomile, honey and vanilla is another tea perfect for bedtime, as it is relaxing and caffeine free. The chai is perhaps the only one I will drink with milk(soy/almond) as the spicy tastes go nicely in a creamy tea. I also prefer darjeeling to any other black teas, as it is delicious without milk, as it is not too heavy.
The posh twinings:
[signature earl grey/english breakfast]
This earl grey is a real treat, in silk pyramids instead of tea bags. It tastes delicious! This english breakfast isn't really posh, its just in a nice tin and I wanted to show it off!
The others:
[London Tea Company: White tea with elderflower/Pukka:Love tea]
This white tea with elderflower is my most recent purchase, and it is rapidly becoming with my favourites. It is described as an 'english summer', and it really is just that. Fresh and floral, it makes you think of a sunny afternoon! Pukka Love tea is just delicious, a blend of herbs and flowers, and is heartwarming, just as the box described.
Yes, I know these aren't tea. But I'm a coffee fan too, and it wouldn't exactly be fair to leave these out. Instant coffee: Percol Americano, and Dowe Egberts Dark Roast. Yum! When I can be bothered to make a proper pot, I'm a starbucks girl at heart, and this Blonde roast is a lovely everyday coffee!
Hopefully there are some tea lovers out there who understand my obsession! What are your favourites?

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