treat of the week: happiness brownies!

Hey lovely people! Sorry about the lack of posts recently, I have lots of big uni deadlines coming up, and unfortunately they have to take priority. To get me through all the essays, I whipped up these awesome little brownies. I call them 'Happiness Brownies', because they do just that. They can cheer up even the most boring essay filled day! Essentially, they are cookie dough, topped with brownie, with a marshmallow layer in between. Yum!
 You need to make cookie dough, and brownie mix, and to save time, I used a boxed mix. Some may call this cheating, but I do not mind, as this Betty Crocker mix is dairy free and delicious! You can find the cookie dough recipe here.
 Line a deep baking tray with greaseproof paper, and spread the cookie dough out to fill the tray. Then add a layer of mini marshmallows, or if you only have bigger ones like I did, chop them into smaller pieces. Then pour on the brownie mix, and spread it to cover the whole of the cookie dough. They both will spread out a bit in the oven.
 Pop them in the oven at about 170 degrees. After about 15 mins, you will need to keep checking as you want the top of the brownie to set, but not burn. 
 Leave them to cool, and chop them up into squares.
 And there you go! The marshmallows will have formed a gorgeous gooey layer making the brownie even softer.
 Try not to eat them all at once!
 I'd seriously consider giving these a go, if you are a chocolate fan, this may be an opportunity you can't pass up! Hope you are all well, normal regular posting will resume next week as soon as I get past these nasty deadlines!
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