treat of the week - polkadot devil's food cake

First of all my lovelies, a little bit of housekeeping. 
You have two more days to enter my giveaway, entries after midnight on Sunday 17th will not be counted. You can enter it here. 
Also, I'm sure you've all heard all this stuff about google reader and GFC. I am on Bloglovin' and Hello Cotton, both of which are linked at the side of the page, so if you want to keep up to date with my posts make sure you find Carrie:Brighton on those sites. But onto the more important things in life: chocolate cake!
Yes, this is another cheeky Betty Crocker boxed cake. But it is dairy free! Dairy free chocolate cake is still a fairly novel concept to me, but I can assure you that this one is particularly yummy! And the best bit, the buttercream readymade icing is also safe for those dairy intolerant lovelies among us!
Nice and quick and easy; 3 eggs, water, oil, and mix!
 Making the cake was so easy, the tricky part comes when deciding how to decorate! I just love sprinkles, got it down to these colourful sets!
 My kitchen table, a spot of pinteresting while I anxiously waited for those chocolately slabs to cool!
So as you can see, I settled on the confetti dots in the end! Lovely and colourful, I thought they added a fun twist to the otherwise extremely chocolatey cake (not that thats a bad thing of course!)
 Yum! What have you lovely people been cooking up recently?

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