a night of music at the seven stars

Hello lovelies!
Last friday, I had a lovely evening out at the Seven Stars pub in the Lanes. It is a lovely old building with tables and the bar in the front, and a large raised stage area in the back, perfect for some live music. I also got to meet the lovely Lyndsay of Fizzy Peaches, which was a real treat! First on the bill for the evening was the beautiful Alex Louise. She is a singer-songwriter with an absolutely gorgeous voice, and played a bit of piano too, which was just lovely. You can find her on twitter here, and I'd recommend you keep an eye out for any gigs in your area, as she really was a pleasure to listen to.
Next up was the fabulous Dirt Royal. Now I may be a little biased here, as the drummer is my lovely boyfriend, but I'm a big fan of the band. They are a wonderful fusion of punk and rock and roll, and their brand new 6 track E.P. is available here for the grand total of a pound, so check it out! Dirt Royal gigs are great fun for a night out, and they always get people dancing, so swing by if you see one coming up!
You can find them on facebook at facebook.com/wearedirtroyal, and also on soundcloud if you fancy a listen.
Last on were The Lanes, quite aptly named for the location! They are a Brighton based Indie Rock 4 piece with a great sound. I'm always keen on a band with keyboards, so I really enjoyed their set. You can find them on facebook at facebook.com/thelanesuk
It was a great night out, especially for music lovers. Have you seen any great live music recently?

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