april 1st: a little recap

Hello lovelies! I am in a slight state of shock that it is April today. The sun is even shining to prove it (even if it is still just above freezing), so summer can't be too far in the future! Very exciting stuff. I can't wait for long evenings on the beach, and going outside without a coat (and hat, scarves, gloves, extra coat etc), and getting rid of these chilly temperatures. So while I was day dreaming today of warmer climes, I remembered that it was exactly a year ago today that I went careering down the side of a mountain and broke my leg. Whoops! My lovely family took me away on a skiing holiday, where I promptly crashed on the first day and had to make do with one leg and hop around for the rest of the trip (and a little while after that). I have definitely learned my lesson about being over confident with a pair of very shiny and slippery pieces of wood attached to your feet on a big icy slope... Since its a whole year ago today, I thought it would be an excellent opportunity to show off this wonderful photograph taken by my Dad.
Note the decidedly unimpressed expression at my family using my struggling to get across an icy car park on crutches as a photo opportunity... This picture does make me laugh though!
I still cannot believe that a whole year has passed when I look at this picture, but when I think about how much has happened, I realise I really have been a busy bee! Even my hair has changed dramatically, in a year, my hair has gone from long dark brown, to medium length light brown (natural), to light brown/blonde ombre, light brown pink tips, light brown purple tips, light brown bright red tips, long dark red, gingery blonde bob (I learned the important life lesson this year of never to bleach your own hair at home), and is currently light brown/dark blonde shoulder length.

So, in a year...
I moved to this wonderful little town by the seaside.
I started my degree, and started on the path to becoming a teacher.
I moved in with my lovely boyfriend.
I started this little corner of the internet, and have met some lovely people in the process!
I broke one leg, fixed it, and am back up on two again.
Met some wonderful people who have become wonderful friends.
Learned to cook something other than cake (which is probably a good thing, as if I hadn't, my fingers would probably be too fat to type with by now)

And many more things that I won't bore you with now!
Here's to another lovely year! Happy April everybody!

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