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Hello lovelies!
Recently, I was a little bit sad to discover that I was running out of my two current perfumes. I have been using Wonderstruck, by Taylor Swift, and Oh Lola by Marc Jacobs, and I am a big fan of both fragrances. I'm also a bit of a sucker for pretty packaging, and the beautiful bottles on both of these scents made lovely additions to my desk. The only thing I'm not a fan of however, is the price. On a student budget, buying expensive perfume is sadly just not practical. This is why I was delighted to stumble across the Scents of The World collection by The Body Shop!
I had not used fragrance mists before, and sort of expected them to be like body sprays I may have used when I was younger, potent and strong for about 15 minutes, and then gone completely. I was pleasantly surprised by the light and delicate fragrance of these sprays, that stays for a good few hours. I was immediately drawn by the beautiful bottles, I just love the design on these and think they look rather pretty lined up on a shelf.
 I spotted the Indian Night Jasmine first of all, Jasmine is a favourite scent of mine, with Cherry Blossom coming in at a close second. At £7.50 a bottle, these work out much cheaper than a perfume, and the 100ml bottle will last a lot longer. I had just found out I passed an important uni essay when I found these so decided I would treat myself to two of them, when I spotted a wonderful sign, showing that they were 3 for 2! So I picked up the Madagascan Vanilla Flower too, which has a beautifully sweet, yet light scent, perfect for summer.
The bottle is a good size too, so has made a nice addition to my handbag incase I want to reapply throughout the day. I think this scent collection would make a lovely gift for someone too, and is perfect for students or those wishing to smell lovely on a budget!
Have you tried fragrance mists or any body shop fragrances before? I'd love to know what you think!

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