day in pictures: a sunny day at the seaside!

Hello lovelies!
So yesterday, if you are a south coast dweller, you probably, like me, spent the day in the sunshine! It turned into an absolutely beautiful afternoon, and was great weather for the Brighton Marathon too. The boyfriend and I were celebrating 3 years together, and so were very lucky to have such perfect weather for a day out!
We had a lazy start and went out into town for lunch, and decided on Caffe Aldo. If you are ever near the station in Brighton, I highly recommend you stop in. They do delicious ciabatta sandwiches, which we usually get, but were instead tempted by their homemade pizzas. The boyfriend had a huge cheesy meaty pizza with chicken, bacon and parma ham, and smelt yummy! I was in absolute heaven with my cheese free prawn, tuna, red onion and basil pizza, it was absolutely delicious.
 After lunch, we wandered through the North Laine, and had a peek in this lovely little farmers market.
 By this point, the weather was absolutely glorious, so of course had to visit the beach.
 We sat in the sun and I enjoyed a rather tasty strawberry bubble tea, and tanned my rather pale looking toes.
 I enjoyed playing photographer and playing with the ridiculous zoom on my little camera...
 ...and perving on couples enjoying a romantic moment..
The sun started to go in, so we made our way back home and played with bubbles in the garden.
So we had a rather lovely day! Brighton shows its colours when the sun comes out, and reminds me that I am lucky to live in such a wonderful place!
I hope you all enjoyed the sunshine as much as I did!

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