nails of the day: cherry blossom

Hello lovelies!
I've got a nice little nail art tutorial for you today: Cherry Blossom nails. I received a lot of compliments while I had this on, so I thought I'd share how to do it, as it is so easy! I have rather shaky hands so nail art is not my forte, unless it is something simple, and you really don't need to be an artist to do this design.
You will need:
A light blue/turquoise base - I used Barry M Nail Paint in 'Mint Green'
A bright pink - I used Essie's 'Cascade Cool'
Nail Art Pens in black and white.
[I bought both my nail pens as a set in primark, they come with a pen for drawing and also a thin brush. You can buy similar sets on amazon, and I believe Barry M and Revlon sell similar pens.]
Okay! So Step One: Paint your base. I painted two coats for an even base. Make sure both coats are COMPLETELY dry before continuing, or it WILL smudge and make a big mess (you're hearing from the voice of experience there.) You can use any colour as a base, but I particularly like this shade as a) Its one of my favourite colours, and b) The design shows up vividly against it. Its also kind of like a blue sky for the blossom to show against.
 Step Two: Once the base is completely dry, I repeat, completely dry, use the black nail art pen to paint your branches. You could use an extra thin brush for this if you have one, and the beauty of this is they really don't need to be neat. I drew one wiggly line from the bottom left corner of my nail going up towards the top right, and then just drew a few lines coming off from that.
 Step Three: Now I may have got a bit carried away while doing this and forgot to take any pictures. But it is easy enough, so you should get the idea. Once the branches have dried, paint on the blossom. Using the thin brush attachment on the white nail pen, dab little white splodges (technical term) along the branch. Then, working relatively quickly, use the corner of the brush from the pink paint to dab pink splodges on top of the white ones. Don't cover the white completely obviously, but if you do this while the colours are still wet they will mix just a little bit creating a nicely mottled effect. The reason I liked using the Essie paint is that is has quite a wide and flat brush, the corners of which are perfect for dabbing the dots on. And there you go, bright and floral cherry blossom nails!
 Let me know if you give this a go, I'd love to see some pictures! Do you have any recommendations of easy nail art to do at home?

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