snapshots of home

Hello lovelies!
I apologise for the lack of regular posts recently. I've been in the countryside staying with family, so I thought I'd show you what I've been getting up to. First off, let me (re)introduce my furry friends. We have two lovely border terriers, so most of my time was spent walking, running or cuddling with these two lovely ladies. We even got a little bit of sunshine to play in the garden!
As you can see, lots of cuddles were had! They even fell asleep wonderfully symmetrically, a perfect photo op!

 We were treated to a flypast by a friend of the parents in a biplane. accompanied by some lovely blue sky, and then again in formation. 
A bit of wildlife for you, a 'murmuration' (new favourite word) of Starlings landed in the field behind the house. That is when hundreds and hundreds of them fly together in formation, it looks spectacular, and leaves me wondering how they manage to avoid crashing into each other. We were lucky enough to see quite a few of these displays, there was one shortly following the picture taken below, after they took off behind the house. In the other picture, the little grey thing in the corner is actually a fox cub! I took a trip to a local wildlife rescue centre and was lucky enough to see a litter of baby foxes (they were just too quick to get a decent picture of!), and many, many hedgehogs.
 I had a morning out in my local town, and went for a wander around the abbey, which I always love to do when I get back. The Abbey dates back to the 7th century, and feels almost magical to visit. It really is a beautiful place. The other photo shows my favourite headstone ever, a bit morbid I realise, but tells of a woman who died in 1703 after being mauled by a tiger that visited the town. A wonderful and rather unusual bit of history!
 So that's where I have been, and what I have been doing. I am back down in my rainy seaside town now, so normal posting will resume!

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