treat of the week: vegan red velvet cupcakes

Hello lovelies! 
First off, a huge apology for the lack of posts this week. Sadly, life just gets in the way sometimes! I've been rather busy and taking full advantage of a week off, seeing lots of people and doing lots of things, but more of that to come later! I did, however, have time to whip up a batch of these beauties.

Now I'd like to take this opportunity to introduce a good friend of mine. Meet Lola. Isn't she lovely?!
 I was given this book as a christmas gift a few years ago now, and it is absolutely wonderful. I don't often follow recipes when baking (I prefer to experiment, I mean, even failed floppy cake is still cake right?!), but if I do, they will almost definitely be from this book. I cannot recommend it highly enough if you happen to come across it in a bookshop, or even better, take a little trip to Lola's bakery in London, and sample a proper one for yourself!
 The pictures are all mouthwateringly gorgeous too, so it makes for wonderful reading if you aren't in a baking mood. All of the recipes are easily adaptable allergy wise (just swap milk for soy, butter for sunflower etc), but it even includes a few vegan friendly recipes. Since I was off to visit my family (two of which are also non dairy eaters), I thought it would be the perfect opportunity to make one of my favourite of Lola's recipes, the Vegan Red Velvet Cupcakes. The recipe is very easy to follow. I thought I'd show you my favourite part, mixing the soy milk (I actually used Almond in the end, just to be difficult), with oil and food colouring, to get that signature red colour. Isn't it fantastic?!
 Pre and post baking. Gorgeous colours!
 Decorated with Betty Crocker Cream Cheese style icing (dairy free!), because I was feeling lazy. Rather tasty though! 
 Do any of you guys use this book? Have you been to Lola's before?

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