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Hello lovelies!
As a part of the very generous goody bags from the Brighton Blogger Meet, I received this lovely set from Bodhi Skincare. Bodhi are a brand I had heard of before through the blogosphere, but never actually had tried, so I was eager to see what it had to offer!
 The kit contains samples of the Jasmine Falls Shower Therapy, Rosemary Chi Reviving Body Moisturiser, and the Neroli Luce Revitalising Face Oil.
 Bodhi uses ethically sourced and plant based ingredients, which was clear as soon as I opened the product. Now let me tell you, living in a student house, and sharing a bathroom with 4 males means that showering is not exactly a spa like experience. However, as soon as I started using the Jasmine Falls shower therapy, my rather unpleasant little shower was transformed into a floral and herb scented mini paradise. The best bit was that the scent lingered all day! I am still enjoying it now, so I am very impressed with this product! The same goes for the body moisturiser, the two very natural scents complimented each other nicely, and left me smelling fresh and fragranced all day.
Now this is where things got really impressive. I've heard a bit about face oils before, but not actually tried them, and I'll admit I was rather skeptical. I have oily skin, and so the least logical thing to do in my book is to slap more oil on top. Either way, I thought I'd give it a go, and oh boy was I in for a surprise! The tiniest blob of this lightly fragranced oil beautifully covered my face, and has left me with the smoothest feeling skin I have ever experienced. It is designed to rebalance your skin's natural hydration system, and by the end of the day, my face was considerably less oily than it was when I started. It was not in the least bit greasy, as I had previously thought it might be, and has left my skin feeling soft and smooth all day. 
I was mightily impressed by my first experience with Bodhi, and I look forward to trying out some more products of theirs!
Have you tried any Bodhi products before?

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