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Hello lovelies!
You may have seen in my recent post about The Brighton Blogger meet that we were kindly invited along to a hair and beauty salon. 

We were given a demonstration of Tissue Highlights, where tissues are used to blend in the colour to avoid the stripy tiger look that can happen so easily with foils. It also looks a lot more comfy than foils, as there are no sharp bits to pull your hair.
Washing takes place in this beautifully peaceful room, with massage chairs and colour changing mood lights. You really do get the whole spa experience at My Salon Looks!
The Tissue Lights were used to evenly lighten the hair which was very dark to begin with, and you can see in the picture below how gradual the colour changes from root to base. A top colour was then put on, and I was so impressed with how vibrantly it turned out. I'm a big fan of bright hair, and this lovely shade of red managed to look both bright and exciting, yet almost natural too!
Not only were the salon kind enough to host a bunch of noisy bloggers for the afternoon, they were unbelievably generous as to treat us to a pair of hair straighteners. I tried them out as soon as I got home, and this pair of TI Creative Styling Touch 2 straighteners are the best I have ever used. They feature adjustable settings, including temperature and hair type, and reached over 200oC in seconds. They even cooled down quickly after use, and added bonus if you are in the rush in the mornings.
For such a beautiful salon, I was expecting the prices to be well out of my personal price range. After a quick glance at their price range, I was actually shocked, as even I as a student can afford treatments there for a bit of occasional luxury. They offer a wide range of treatments, including the sought after Moroccan Oil experience, and so I personally cannot wait for my next visit!
Have any of you visited My Salon Looks before?

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