nails of the day: helen e

Hello lovelies!
This week's nails of the day is brought to you by Helen E! Helen E is a brand I have only come across recently, and I am becoming a bit of a fan.
Helen E NailPower in Neptune - £8*
 I love turquoise and teal shades on my nails, but this is the first metallic polish in that colour range I have tried. I was so impressed with the shimmer and shine of this polish, which was obvious as soon as it went on, and stayed just as shiny as it dried. It dried very quickly, and so I was able to paint my nails with 2 coats in under 5 minutes, which was fantastic!
 It was hard wearing, which is fantastic, and it didn't actually chip in the 3 days I had it on for! It also removed very quickly with normal polish which is great, so this is a great polish for those days in between work days where natural nails are needed.
Have you tried any Helen E products before?

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