picnics, puppies and planes!

Hello lovelies!
Yesterday, I had an absolutely wonderful day out, so prepare for a rather photo-heavy post! For my birthday, my parents organised a lovely day out picnicking on a grass air field, and I was lucky enough to enjoy a flight in a bi-plane!
 A friend of my Dad took me up for a flight in a 1930's military training aircraft called a Stearman, and my Dad followed in a Chipmunk, an ex-RAF training aeroplane.
 We took the puppies along who enjoyed a stroll around the field and lounging in the sun!
 Sat enjoying one of the first sunny days of the summer with my mumma and puppies! 
 Preparing for take-off...
As the Stearman is a training plane, it is flown from the back, so I am the passenger in the front in this picture, sadly not quite qualified to fly it! We flew over the town I went to school in, along the main road and over my parents house. Shortly after that, my Dad flew up along side and manage to snap some pictures, including this amazing one below.
I had such a wonderful day out, there is something quite spectacular about flying in an open topped plane, and loved the sunny day out with the family. Hope you're all enjoying your bank holiday weekend as much as I am!

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