treat of the week: juice!

Hello lovelies!
I have a dairy free discovery for you today! Brighton dwellers may have noticed some colourful bikes appearing around time directing you to this brand new little shop that has popped up in Churchill Square: Boost!
You can actually smell the fresh fruit as you walk past, which I loved! Boost offer a wide range of drinks all freshly prepared in front of you, you can even see one of the blenders whizzing around in the picture above. They offer yoghurt based smoothies (including skinny diet-friendly options), which obviously are not suitable for us dairy free customers, but there is a huge variety of flavours of crushes, blends and juices free from nasties that we can enjoy - having such a selection to choose from is such a treat!
 I popped in after work, feeling a little bit tired after a 10 hour day and fancied something fruity, and was advised by the friendly and helpful staff that I should go for something with a 'boost' - one of their add-ins for a sneaky energy boost. I decided on a Wild Berry Juice, which is freshly juiced pineapple, apple, raspberries, strawberries and blackcurrants, and the added 'energiser plus booster' - a blend of chlorella, maca, hemp protein, wheatgrass, wild asco seaweed, korean ginseng, goji and artichoke, and wow! I can see exactly where the name Boost comes from!
The juice tasted amazing, such a beautiful blend of flavours to create this gorgeous gloopy pink concoction! Fruity and pink (my favourite kind of drink) but not too sweet, set off nicely by the herby tasting hint of wheatgrass. Now I personally do not get particularly affected by caffeine, I often can have a tea or coffee before bed and the fact that its a warm drink will send me to sleep, so miss out on that 'buzz' I hear about all too much, but wow did this juice perk me up! The all natural ingredients actually made me feel more awake and not at all like I'd just finished a full day of work! 
(apologies for the not so great quality pictures - here you can see my first attempt at blogging on the bus!)
I LOVED my first Boost Juice, so it certainly won't be my last! Have you had a Boost yet?

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