a treat at trevor sorbie

Hello lovelies!
Last weekend, I was lucky enough to have a session at the Trevor Sorbie salon in the Lanes with Kate Wilson, the technical director of the salon and an incredibly talented colour technician. My rather brassy blonde was a home box colour, and was starting to look pretty awful. I had long dark roots at the back, and two tone yellow and orange at the front. Not good!  Luckily, it has now been rescued by the wonderful team at Trevor Sorbie, and I couldn't be happier with it!
My session started with a consultation with Kate, who asked loads of questions about my hair, including what I have done previously, and how I wanted it to look, to find out exactly what needed doing. It was amazing to talk to someone with such an extensive knowledge of hair, I felt in such good hands! 
Kate started working her magic, weaving light blonde highlights into my hair, and colouring the rest a darker, semi permanent shade to blend the colour back towards my natural shade, a light ashy brown.
I was so well looked after, and I felt so pampered! I was brought a coffee and a stack of magazines while the colour developed, and Kate even popped some cut fingers from a glove over the arms of my glasses so I could put them back on to read without getting the colour on them - genius! After the colour had developed, it was washed out and Kate then put a toner on the blend the colour. I was even treated to a head massage with my shampoo and condition - bliss!
I then had a chat with the lovely Sacha about the style and shape of my hair, and she then trimmed my rather uneven locks back into shape. She put in some layers and trimmed my fringe into a much nicer shape than it had been. She then blowdried it and I saw the colour for the first time, and fell in love!
Kate then gave me a shampoo and conditioner set to take care of my beautiful new look that would keep the colour and condition as it should be.
A before shot, showing my regrowth and rather unattractive orangey blonde...
An after shot showing the beautiful new colour and shape!
I cannot thank Kate, Sacha and Trevor Sorbie enough for my new look, I am completely in love with it! Its amazing how much a change of colour can affect your appearance, my skin tone already looks better with the more natural shades, and it has made me feel so pretty! I have a silly smile on my face every time I catch my reflection, I really love it! 
Next time you need a cut or a colour, I cannot recommend enough that you pop into the Trevor Sorbie salon, not only did they do such a great job, I had such a lovely time being pampered in the process! Thank you so much Kate, Sacha and the rest of the team!

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