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Hello lovelies!
Today I'd like to share a new favourite product of mine with you. It combines two brilliant trends in the beauty world at the moment, body butter, and coconut oil, though this is not a new product, it is in fact the 21st anniversary of body butter at the Body Shop, hence the beautiful celebratory packaging! I have been looking for something to rescue my rather dry legs in time for shorts weather, so you can imagine I was rather excited when this popped through my letterbox!
Coconut Body Butter 200ml - The Body Shop - £13.00*
 Coconut oil is a bit of a magical substance. You can put it in food, on skin, in hair, you name it really, it even helps with a skin condition that my dog has (bizarre, right?!), so is wonderfully versatile. The oil in this butter is organic, and community fair trade, cold pressed in Samoa, a lovely bonus to this product.
 My favourite feature of this body butter is the texture. It's a very thick butter, and begins to melt on your fingertips, just as pure coconut oil does. By the time you put it on, it melts into the skin smoothly, with a really delicious, light fragrance. I have been enjoying this product so much more than some other body butters I have tried recently, as it is so far from a gloopy lotion consistency, and does not have an overpowering perfumed fragrance. It has also been doing wonders for my rather dry legs, and at this rate, they will be shorts and beach ready before I know it, hopefully the weather will catch up soon!
The 200ml tub is also going to last me ages, as a little goes a long way with this product. Have you tried this or any other Body Shop butters recently? I'd love to know what you think!

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