don't worry, be happy - part 1

Hello lovelies. 
This post is going to be a bit different today, I hope you don't mind. A friend of mine recently commented how idyllic the life I lead through my blog seems. I'll be honest, it's not. Now don't get me wrong, what I post is entirely honest and accurate, but often you only see the good bits. I thought it might be time to get a bit more personal, so thought I would share with you some of the less picture-perfect parts of my life, and how blogging has helped me. 
I'm a worrier. A big worrier, and really struggle with stress and anxiety, and I know I'm not the only one. Blogging has really helped me organise my life to minimise stress, but also to make me step outside of my comfort zone, which in turn makes situations seem less stressful the next time around. Obviously this is not an issue that can be tackled in one little post, so I have decided to start a regular feature on ways of dealing with stress, and generally being happier. I am no expert obviously, but I can share methods that work for me, and may help you along if you're stuck for inspiration. This is just a little introduction to my new feature, but here are just a few basic tips for worrying less and living more!
1. Work out what makes you happy.
For me its blogging, baking, playing with new makeup products, painting my nails etc. Obviously winning the lottery would probably be in this list, but we're looking for the ordinary little things that can brighten your day.
2. Do it!
Now this is where writing a blog has helped me, as it has given me the excuse to do these things that I enjoy so much. Obviously, you don't need an excuse, but writing regular posts on these things works as a reminder for me to do it, even when I'm not feeling like it, so will often cheer me up!
3. Be thankful and happy about it.
"But its not that simple!" I hear you cry. Well my answer to that is, why can't it be? If you do things that you love and that make you happy, and think about how happy they have made you, suddenly you find yourself in a happy little circle! So much better than sitting and feeling sorry for yourself, staying positive is so important.

Over the next few weeks I'd like to continue with this feature, sharing how I personally stop worrying and try to be happier, and what has worked for me. Now that was a little bit heavy, so here is a picture of my dog in a babygrow:
Much love,

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