don't worry, be happy - part 3

Hello lovelies!
First off, I must apologise for neglecting the blog so much recently. I haven't posted since wednesday, and I haven't really been able to give it my full attention for a good few weeks. I have been on a teaching placement since the end of April which has taken pretty much all of my time, but as of Friday, I have finished! I have completed my first ever teaching placement and my first year of teacher training, so am feeling rather pleased with myself. I will now have more time to myself, to really get back on with blogging, and have lots of exciting things planned! Thanks for sticking with me, I really appreciate all of you lovely readers!

Moving on to todays post, we are carrying on with the series of stressing less and living more. This particular post has been very important to me in recent weeks, as without it, I find myself going a little bit crazy! Time to yourself is vital, even when you're working long hours. Finding 10 minutes to sit down and relax will save your sanity. My favourite way to chill out is with a coffee and a good book, as there is nothing better than a good story to take you away from the stresses of your day.
I love spending my saturday morning by popping back into bed with breakfast and a coffee to read my kindle (just finished the new Dan Brown book for anyone who is interested, really enjoyed it!), and just appreciate a few moments of not having to think about anything important. I find that even the most stressful days of the week gone by can melt away so quickly if you can just find a little moment to properly relax. How do you prefer to chill out after a hard day or week?

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