Hello lovelies!
I have a recent website discovery for you today. Some of you may know that I am a big fan of sites like Pinterest and WeHeartIt, and all of you will probably have worked out that I am a complete shopping addict. Stylight, quite magically, combines the two together!
Stylight is an online fashion community based in Germany, where anyone can sign up and join in to make mood boards featuring their favourite fashion items. Wonderfully simple, but it is so much more than that! The site features an absolutely gigantic database of current and on trend fashion items that you can add to boards to create outfits. You can sync with your instagram photos, or any pictures you like to include your own recent outfits, and add quotes, music and more to enhance your board. Onto the best bit: all of the items featured click through to a website where you can buy them! You can create whole outfits on here, and then find out where to buy them from the same place. Hold on to your hats guys, we may well have found online inspirational shopping heaven!
I had a go at creating my own board...
 â€¦and really enjoyed myself! Check it out on for the full effect with music and all, heart me, and I'll heart you back! I can't wait to continue exploring this website, it may well have revolutionised my future wardrobe!!

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