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Hello lovelies!
Today I am sharing with you a little obsession of mine. You probably will have noticed by my posts and instagram that I am a little floral crazy! Cath Kidston is one of my favourite designers, and I have gained quite the little collection of floral printed products, so I thought I would share some of my favourites!
Floral prints on a white background are just irresistible to me, as you can see here in my makeup bag(s), wallet, kindle case and ticket holder...
 CK also have a beautiful range of stationary, and this gorgeous London print notebook was a birthday gift from my godmother. I use it as a blog book for planning and noting down ideas on the go, and the fabric hardcover is just so pretty to look at!
 I absolutely love this cake stand, which was given to me a few years ago, and when it is not holding cupcakes, I use it to house my favourite nail polishes of the moment, and love how my polishes match the gorgeous pastel colours in the pattern!
 My lovely boyfriend gave me this tea set a little while ago, and I use it all of the time. I hate the idea of tea sets being locked away in a cabinet for special occasions, and so I use this whenever I can. I love how big the teacups themselves are, and will usually use one of these instead of a mug for my morning cuppa!
 My most favourite Cath Kidston items are my bedding, a gift from my family for my 18th birthday. The bedding set is beautifully soft and comfortable, and the floral and polkadot reversible bed spread on the top is perfect for when a little bit of extra warmth is needed! This features in most of the product pictures I take, as the pattern creates such a pretty background (and also shows how much time I spend sat in bed!).
Cath Kidston have so many beautiful products, but they can get a little pricey. A lot of the products I have bought have been from sales or the outlet store (there is one in Biscester in Oxford), but I also own loads of beautiful floral printed products from other shops, such as Dunelm Mill, where they have many lovely ranges of CK inspired items! The patterns really appeal to my inner girly girl, as I just can't say no to flowers!

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