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Hello lovelies!
A little while ago, I was tagged by the gorgeous Amy over at The Little Koala to do a What's In Your Bag post. If you haven't popped over to her blog to say hi yet, you definitely should, she's absolutely lovely and writes a great blog! Moneysupermarket.com are running a competition to win a Mulberry handbag (cue sighs of longing from bloggers everywhere!), and to enter, they have asked bloggers to post what is in their handbag, and tot up the total of how much it all costs. I am quite intrigued to find out how much mine is all worth, and also thought it might be nice to see how much the contents of my bag has changed since the last time I did one of these posts! (Have a peek here if you're interested.)
So the bag itself is a Boohoo bargain, and is sadly no longer available, but cost me the grand total of £15, plus my 10% student discount! I'm a fan of satchel style bags, and this is just perfect as it is small enough to count as a handbag and not a shopper, but fits in everything that I need. 
Now, take a deep breath, and lets delve inside the chaos that is my handbag...
 You're lucky, I've recently had a receipts purge so it is relatively tidy, but I thought I'd show you the honest contents, mayonnaise included (sadly, that is not a figure of speech..). Also, can you tell I'm a bit of a Cath Kidston addict?!
 First off, the sensible bits...
 Purse from Cath Kidston, diary from Paperchase, pens from WHSmith, Kindle, Kindle Case from Cath Kidston.
And the rest...
 Sunglasses/glasses case (contents change depending on if I'm wearing my contacts), nail file, rail card and ticket holder (Ms Kidston does it again), business card holder and business cards, Body Shop Strawberry eau de toilette, pen, sugar packets (sorry not sorry Starbucks), sweetener packets (again, my bad), Soap and Glory Hand Food, keys, more sugar (yes I have a problem okay!), and mayonnaise and ketchup packets (no, I'm not sure either. These are now in the bin, don't worry.), and my whistle (trainee primary school teacher being my excuse for that one).
Make Up Bag 
(Featuring every day essentials, special occasions call for a much larger make up bag!)
 Zip purse by Cath Kidston, Topshop lipstick in Nevada, Jasmine Tea (there had to be a reason for all that sugar right?!), Maybelline Color Sensational Lipstick in Kiss Pearl and Sweet Pink, Rimmel Apocalips in Nude Eclipse, mirror, Nivea Lip Butter, Rimmel Glam Eyes liquid eyeliner, and Bath and Bodyworks PocketBac in Sweet Pea.

Phew, we made it out the other side! I should have probably mentioned that I'm a bit of a hoarder before we started… 
So, onto the grand total…
Do you know how much your handbag is worth? Let me know and send me a link if you give this post a go! 

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