an outfit post..

Hello lovelies!
I would just like to start with an apology that this post isn't up to my preferred standard of posting, but I will explain why I am doing it anyway. I'm not particularly happy with the pictures, my camera gave up half way through taking them so had to continue with my phone. They are also of different sizes, which drives me NUTS! I also have committed the hideous fashion blogging sin of mirror style selfie shots, but I'm posting this anyway, as I promised myself that I WILL be brave and post my first proper outfit post! So I will gracefully gloss over the fact that I am still rather nervous about the idea, and crack on!
 Last weekend, I went to an old friend from primary school's engagement party (Scary or what?! We must be growing up!). I had one of those 'I have absolutely nothing to wear' moments, and so dashed to the shops after work and managed to find this little gem of a dress in the Dorothy Perkins sale for £15. Conveniently, it fit perfectly, so I bought it, along with the clutch bag (because that was on 20% off and I'm an absolute sucker for deals) and dashed back home again to get ready.
 The usual mess that engulfs my bathroom when I'm going out...
 Also a good excuse to show off my epic new phone case…(£2.99 from the kids section of H&M if anyone is interested!)
So there we go, I'm being brave and clicking the 'publish' button. Next time I will try harder and get someone else to take the photos for me, I hope you didn't mind this first attempt!
Do you have any tips for outfit posts?

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