DIY: Pastel Paper Pom-Poms

This week is Pastel Week! You may have seen my post last week on planning for a pastel themed party, and you'll be pleased to hear the planning paid off, and it worked perfectly! Today I am going to show you how to create an easy pastel decoration for a party; paper pom-poms!
For one pom-pom, you will need:
3 sheets of tissue paper, cut in half to make 6 smaller sheets
string or paper ribbon
 Step 1) Fold up your tissue paper in a concertina style, at a 1-2 inch width.
 Step 2) Once folded, tie a short length of ribbon around the centre of the tissue paper. Don't tie it too tightly, but knot it securely.
 Step 3) Trip the ends into a point or curve to shape the petal like ends of the pom-pom.
 Step 4) Unfold the folds into a fan shape.
 Step 5) Do this on the other side too!
 Step 6) Now gently unfold the pleats upwards too, so all folds are pulled outwards. Fluff your pompom into shape! Once you've finished, tie a length of ribbon around the tie in the centre so that you can hang it up.
And there you have it! Nice and simple. To make my garland, I created 3 pom-poms, one large blue one and two smaller pink ones, and then tied on other pastel coloured paper ribbon and curled it with scissors, and tied it all along a length of paper ribbon. Hung over the cake display, it created a lovely centre piece!
Stay tuned for more pastel themed posts this week!

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