don't worry be happy - part 6

Hello lovelies!
Today's stress less post is all about inspiration. When I'm feeling down or stuck, I find the only way to make myself get back up again is to have something to motivate me to do it, and the internet can be a wonderful source of inspiration!
Pinterest is probably my favourite source of inspiration, and so neatly organised too. For those of you who aren't familiar, I suggest you go and check it out now, as it is so useful for so many things, especially finding recipes and things to do. You 'pin' linked images onto virtual pinboards to save to go back to another day, for example I have boards for style, food, cake, home etc. I often turn to Pinterest for something to do, and find it so inspiring for new projects, and finding new things to bake!
I'm a bit of an instagram addict, and love scrolling through so many lovely images. There are so many users who post such truly beautiful pictures, and I often will search through hashtags to again find things to make and do.
We Heart It
This site is kind of similar to Pinterest, where you 'heart' images to save them to your board, and can save them in sets. My account is particularly pink, as you can see in the images below, and I find this useful in gathering ideas for future posts, or for things to do in things like organisation, and nail art. Unfortunately, this site does have some issues like Tumblr in terms of 'thinspiration' and glorifying some things that I just don't agree with, but providing you can filter through these, there really are some lovely images available!