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Hello lovelies!
Summer is well and truly here! The sun is shining and it's HOT (woop!), and Andy's only done and done it (woop woop!), and its time for long evenings of barbecues and and extra large jug of Pimms brimming with fresh fruit. Now speaking of fruit, this time of year, I just can't get enough. Whether its in my dessert, drink, or shower, I just love the taste and smell of fresh berries. A recent and epic sale at the Body Shop did rather well at fuelling my addiction to fruity fragrances, and so I thought I'd share with you my favourites!
Shower Gels by The Body Shop: Raspberry/Blueberry/Strawberry - £3 (sale price)
Body Butters by The Body Shop: Raspberry/Blueberry/Strawberry* - £5 (sale price, normally priced at £13)
 The shower gels and body butters are my favourite products from The Body Shop, as not only do they both smell divine, they are wonderfully long lasting too. The shower gels are not just wash on wash off scents, your skin smells beautifully. I picked up these shower gels for £3 each, and the body butters for £5, one of which was free for my birthday month! As these are products I used daily, I couldn't resist the opportunity to stock up, plus I just love the pretty fruity packaging!
I do love the raspberry and blueberry, but my favourite scent overall is...
…strawberry! Made from cold pressed strawberry seeds, the best bit about these products is that they actually smell like strawberries!
The products are:
Strawberry Body Mist (£3.75- offer with advantage card)/ Strawberry Body Butter £13*/ Strawberry Eau De Toilette £8.50*/ Strawberry Shower Gel £3 (sale price)
When wearing the Body Butter and Eau De Toilette, on a number of occasions, people have actually come up to me to tell me I smell like strawberries, which was rather nice! With a scent that reminds you of fresh picked fruit (or a nice dessert with cream and scones if you are a foodie like me), what more could you want?
What's your favourite fruity scent?

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