Pastel Party: Daisy Cake

Today's pastel creation was the centrepiece of the cake spread: the cake! This decorated vanilla sponge was nice and easy to make and if you ask me, looks rather cute!
You will need: A jammy cake! This is a vanilla sponge, two layers sandwiched with cherry jam, and then smothered all over with more cherry jam.
You will also need a packet of white rolling icing. Not too technical, you'll be pleased to hear!
Lightly dust your work surface with icing sugar and roll out your icing. Nice and easy! Then, pop it on the jammy cake!
Smooth it down, and fold over any loose bits. I know there are many ways of making a much neater cake, but they aren't as quick and easy as this one.
Trim off excess icing skirt with a knife, and prepare your daisies. This pack by Dr Oetker was just perfect and I could not resist! The colours fit with my cake planning perfectly, and I can't say no to daisies!
Make a little dent with your little finger into the icing, pop on a bit of buttercream, and stick on your daisies. Couldn't be easier really!
And there you go, a quick and easy way to decorate a sweet little floral cake! Stay tuned tomorrow for the final day of pastel week!

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