Picnics, Pugs and Pretty Ladies!

So a little while ago, the Brighton Bloggers had a picnic!
There were lots of delicious treats...

And I managed to take many photos of people whilst they were eating which I'm sure they will be really happy to see that I've put on the internet! Here are the lovely Laura of Chambray and Curls, and  and Hannah of Make, Do and Push!, and a beautiful little blogger-in-training.
In true Beauty Blogger style, the gorgeous Rosie from Everything's Rosie matched her nails to her drink!
 We all got a little bit broody… and loved the cuddles that came with lunch!
Rosie chatting with the beautiful Fiona, from Fifi McGee
Fiona (Fifi McGee), Laura (Lola and Behold), Rosie (Everything's Rosie), Laura (Chambray and Curls), Lyndsay (Fizzy Peaches), and me. The lovely Lauren from Belle du Brighton also joined us with her gorgeous new babba, but unfortunately I didn't manage to snap a photo of her that she wouldn't have murdered me for publishing, I'm getting really good at those mid-bite lunch shots. Whoops!
After our picnic, we went on to the sweet little boutique shop, Mama San. Now the store is sadly closing, but it is opening online, which is very exciting! They sell so many lovely things, just take a look at this gorgeous vintage dresser full of wares...
I was particularly excited about the launch of the website, and also attending the shop, as they stock products by perhaps my favourite illustrator, the very talented Gemma Correll. I was even more excited to discover that she was going to be there for the website launch! I was so excited actually that I went all fan-girl and got a bit squeaky and probably scared poor Gemma who most likely thought I was insane. But ah well, who wouldn't get happy over these gorgeous pug designs?
I came home with the Pug's Guide To Etiquette, a book I had been admiring since I saw Gemma launch it on instagram and her blog. I've got a bit of a thing about pugs, I often get a bit squeaky if I see one on the street (I get a bit over excited sometimes, you might have known this already). If you're a bit weird like me and also get a bit weird about pugs, then you'll love the dedicated Pug Shop on the Mama San website. Amazing!
Not only did Gemma sign my copy (isn't that drawing just the cutest thing?!), I came away with a Mr Pickles Fan Club badge (If you don't know who Mr Pickles is, go stalk Gemma Correll, because we all need a bit more Mr Pickles in our lives), which I will be wearing with pride on my denim jacket.
So I was very lucky actually, as I had an absolutely wonderful day out! Why not hop on over to MamaSan.co.uk to check out their lovely things!

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