the balloon landing

Hello lovelies!
A little while ago, I was out with the boyfriend, when we spotted a balloon. A BIG balloon. So, we did the only logical thing, and followed it!
It got bigger...
…and bigger...
…and very close to the ground! We had made it to the village park by this point, where the giant red balloon was getting VERY close to the rugby pitch! It very narrowly made it over a row of trees and houses, and a tennis court. 
By this point, quite a few of the other villagers had the same idea as us and ran out after the balloon to see where it was going - that's countryside living for you! In this next picture, the tiny figures in the distance in the right hand side of the photo are actually the local rugby team in the middle of training.
And…. touchdown! The balloon riders applauded, and the rugby team continued training around the giant balloon that just landed in the middle of their pitch..
They had a beautiful evening for it, as the sunset was just turning beautiful shades of orange and purple as it landed. We then watched as the balloon was deflated and the riders were shipped off in a mini bus, and we wandered back home.
Just one of the many bizarre things that happen in countryside villages in the middle of nowhere! Have you ever been in a hot air balloon?

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