A little catch up..

[This is Daisy. Isn't she a sweetie!?]
Just a quick one from me today! Things have been a little bit hectic around here recently, so I thought I'd share a little catch up about what's been going down! Last weekend I went to Warwick Folk Festival, which you can read all about here. I then had a few rare days free to hang out with the boyfriend, which was absolutely lovely, before heading out to festival number 2, the wonderful home grown Fieldview Festival, where I worked on a friend's vintage fashion and accessories stall. This was so much fun and a lovely weekend, so keep your eyes peeled for more on that to come! After that I headed straight back to Brighton, went to Portsmouth to watch the boyfriend's band, then back to Brighton to move out and deep clean the house! 2 days of scrubbing, polishing and disinfecting later, it was done, and I am now back with my family, waiting to move into my new house in a few week's time. So, 2 festivals, multiple drives across the country and a house move later, as you can imagine, I'm a little bit sleepy just like my furry friend up there!
So as you can see, I've been fairly busy. I've managed to schedule posts here and there so there hasn't been too much of a blog silence, but I have missed out on my favourite part, reading all you lovely people's new posts! I am ready to have a good catch up now and have loads of new things planned, and  I would really love it if you could leave me a link in the comment below to any new posts, I'd love to check them out! 

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