Dairy Free Treats: Chocolate Cereal

I've posted many times now about my dairy free diet and often focus on recipes you can use to make your own dairy free treats and delights. This is all well and good, but sometimes, you just want to eat something yummy without the effort! Because of this, I am going to start a little series on dairy free treats you can eat straight out of the box! You'd be surprised how many yummy things are okay for us lactose free lovelies, and today I'm starting with a recent discovery.
Bear are well known by mummies and littleuns alike for their Fruit YoYos, natural fruit snacks enjoyed by small children, and me!  I follow the brand on facebook and so was delighted to hear they had a new release: breakfast cereal. When I was in Waitrose last I spotted them in the cereal aisle and just had to do a little happy dance when I discovered that they were in fact free of dairy! The best bit about them is that they are actually pretty good for you, and without added sugars and with proper cocoa, you can indulge your inner 8 year old with chocolatey cereal in the mornings, and it fills you up ready for the day! I have mine with almond milk, and you'll be pleased to hear it does make the milk all chocolatey too! Yippee! 

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