Favourite Fragrances

 I once read a list of things to ensure you have a nice day, and somewhere on there was 'always wear perfume'. This stuck with me and has become a rule of mine, as a simple thing like smelling nice can give you such a boost if you are feeling down, and it is always lovely to catch a beautiful scent when you are out and about. Here are three fragrances which I have been wearing and loving lately:
High Street: Strawberry EDT by The Body Shop*
You've probably seen me mention this one a few times, but it really is a lovely sent. It genuinely smells like strawberries, so what more could you ask for really! A cheaper alternative to more expensive fragrances that is really quite long lasting, this is a firm favourite of mine, and I'd quite like to try some of the other fruity scents on offer by The Body Shop.
High End: Oh Lola! by Marc Jacobs
Sadly my gorgeous pink flower topped bottle is about to run out, this was a duty-free purchase, and possibly my all time favourite fragrance. A lovely floral and fruity scent, a small spray of this lasted all day, so a little did go a long way. The only downside to this one is the price tag, which my student wallet really isn't a huge fan of.
Celebrity: Taylor by Taylor Swift
 This is the third fragrance released by Taylor Swift and the third I own. A sweet floral fragrance in a pearl topped glass bottle, I got this on offer in The Fragrance Shop, with a free gift of a hand bag, which is an added bonus. I know many people aren't so keen on the country pop singer, but when it comes to perfumes, I can't help but think she is doing something right!
What are your favourite fragrances of the moment?

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