Maybelline Baby Lips

There is a lot of hype in the blogosphere about these little lip balms, so I had to give them a go for myself! I'm a sucker for trying out new products, so when something entirely new comes around, I just can't say no! I picked up three of these from Boots on a 3 for 2 offer, and the other two from Superdrug. There is one other style I am yet to try, a purple coloured tube in 'Peach Kiss', with a peachy pink tint to it, so I will keep my eyes open for that one. The different varieties are:
Pink: Pink Punch - Tinted hot pink, with a fruity punch flavour, I just love the scent of this one. I have naturally quite dark pink lips anyway so the colour doesn't really show, but the smooth texture and fresh fruity scent make up for that!
Orange: Cherry Me - Tinted reddish pink, and tastes a lot like the classic cherry chapstick. Same as with the Pink Punch, the colour didn't really work for me but for those with pale lips I imagine this would add a nice gentle colour.
Yellow: Repair - Not tinted, with an almost marzipan/almond scent to it. I found this one to have a particularly smooth and almost creamy texture to it, particularly soothing for any sore or dry patches.
Green: Minty Fresh - Not tinted, and with a minty scent as suggested in the title. I really quite like this one, bearing in mind it is only on your lips, I found it made my mouth feel generally fresher with use.
Blue: Hydrate - Again not tinted, and quite similar to repair, but with a grapefruit (I think!) scent to it. This works well as an everyday balm for before/under lipstick.

I have actually really enjoyed using every single one of these balms! Perhaps my favourite part is the texture, they look very solid and almost waxy in the tube, but melt on smoothly when applied, so a fair amount of product actually goes on when you apply it, as opposed to harder balms that you have to apply multiple times to get any effect. The packaging is fun and colourful and something I'd be happy to carry around in a handbag, or to display in a lipstick stand, as they do look nice all together! I am personally really happy with these products, and think they make a lovely and fun alternative to ordinary lip balms. Have you tried any of these balms yet?

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