nSpa Beauty Rituals 4-Step Routine

Now when I get back from a festival, I'm disgusting. I may as well be honest about it, so chances are, I haven't showered,  let alone kept up my skincare routine. A weekend outdoors and in a tent leaves my skin dehydrated and generally a bit gross, so when I get back, I am in desperate need of a good wash, and some much needed pampering for my skin! This 4-step routine from nSpa's Beauty Rituals collection did the job perfectly, and was something that even my post festival hangover could cope with!
The 4 products I used:
1.) Melting Cleansing Gel
2.) Brightening Detox Scrub
3.) Replenishing Moisture Mask
4.) Nourishing Eye and Lip Treatment
There are multiple products available for each of the 4 steps, so you can tailor it to your skincare preferences, for example you can find a cleanser in a gel, oil based or in a traditional face wash form. I really liked all 4 of these products, all of which have a light and fresh scent to them. Steps 3 and 4 had to be my favourite, the Moisture Mask is not like any other face mask I have used before, more like a thick moisturiser, but when I came to wash it off, the majority of it had sunk in, leaving my skin feeling super soft! The Eye and Lip treatment is a truly lovely product, with a softening, cooling effect. It has a light fruity scent, and left both my eyelids and lips feeling soothed and soft.
nSpa products are available at Asda, and these products featured range between £3 and £6, so are really quite affordable! Have you tried any nSpa products before? Which are your favourite?

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