Review: Bodhi: Flora Paradiso Massage & Body Oil

Now this is a bit of a personal one, but we're all friends here, so ill continue anyway. I have stretch marks, which magically appeared one day a few years back and have been a bit of a nuisance ever since. They are fairly neat but run across my hips, thighs, and backside, so I have a rather stripy bum. Their appearance doesn't bother me too much, as they are easily covered by shorts, so can only be seen if I'm out in a bikini, which, lets face it, happens once in a blue moon. They do however have the habit of being a bit uncomfortable. Some have turned into silvery wisps which are fine, but the majority are raised, red and purple and can feel strange and tingly. They are a tad unusual as they appeared during a period of illness a few years back where I lost a lot of weight quite rapidly, and then put it back on, so I didn't really get much bigger, but in the process of getting it back, I have since discovered that a side affect of some of the medication I was on resulted in reduced collagen formation, meaning less natural elasticity, and hello tiger thighs.
When I was given the opportunity to try out Bodhi's Flora Paradiso Massage and Body Oil, I leapt at the chance. I am always up for trying out products on my stretch marks, though I am fully aware that no magical product is going to come along and make them disappear!  The first thing I'd like to say about Bodhi is that they truly seem like the nicest people. Every time I have spoken to them they have been beyond polite and helpful to downright friendly, which so many companies seem to be lacking in these days! They recommended this oil in particular as the Apricot Kernel Oil, one of the 4 main ingredients, helps skin to retain moisture and elasticity, a property I could do with in my skin. The others are Ylang-Ylang, High Altitude Lavender, and Atlas Cedarwood, all known for their soothing and calming properties, and lets face it, I will take as much relaxation as I can get! I apply the product after a bath or shower, and the scent alone is enough to send me off into a deep sleep. The aromatic, floral scent is soothing but not at all heavy, and makes me think of a warm summer night in a herb garden. A little bit of the oil goes a long way, a small splash on my hands warmed together was enough to cover my legs and hips. After one use, my skin felt so soft and smooth, and the feeling lasted! After a few weeks of use, I can report that the weird tingly feeling has stopped! Now the marks are still there obviously, as I said before, I wasn't expecting them to disappear, but for the feeling to have gone, this product has done more than I expected it would. This product has made my skin feel so much more comfortable, and has taken a firm place in my night time routine. You can find it online at

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