Autumn Scents - Honey and Spice

To me, autumn isn't autumn without a good seasonal scented candle! Yankee Candle have some absolutely gorgeous ones, and recently I picked up this two wick tub to start off the season. I knew as soon as I smelt 'Honey & Spice' that I had to take it home, the sweet but spicy scent smells like a heavenly combination of baking cinnamon cakes, chai tea, and pumpkin pie, and smells to me exactly how autumn should! I actually managed to get this one at a fairly bargain price of £7.95 in an outlet in the Swindon Designer Outlet, normally tumblers of this size retail for £15.49, so it's definitely worth keeping your eyes out for an outlet/sale shop! What is your favourite Yankee Candle fragrance? Do you have a favourite scent for autumn?

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